Patient Reviews

1 month ago
Very thorough, compassionate and detail oriented. Very receptive to my concerns and explained options and process
Nathan Berlier
2 months ago
I’ve had 3 visits now with Doctor Dwight Lin. I’ve had MRI’s showing tares in both shoulders and most recently looking over knee xrays. His office and procedures are state of the art with regard to how to maintain our bodies with strength and mobility long term as an athlete and Hair Salon owner and stylist. I am currently feeling ok with my PT and my yoga to strengthen my body. I recommend getting his opinion, seeing this doctor. Creating this relationship I know moving forward I will be in good hands. You will be greeted by Jo in reception and welcomed kindly into his office.
Kimberly Ivey
4 months ago
I am a pickle ball player and an avid tennis player. I received several stem injections and PRP from Doc Lin. He’s friendly, thorough, and very competent. I chose him because his Harvard training makes him a qualified expert, and I am glad I did. Feeling much better now
Healthgrades User
6 months ago
I had a wonderful experience at RMR Honolulu. I appreciate the very warm and friendly staff, I instantly felt comfortable knowing I’ll be in great care. With my chaotic schedule, I value the follow up text messages and email reminders. Dr. Dwight Lin was very helpful and took his time explaining his concerns and options for my situation. Before, during and after my PRP procedure Dr. Lin ensured my comfort and eased any nervousness I had. I highly recommend Dr. Lin at RMR Honolulu for anyone, friends, family, loved ones who are looking for a non-surgical solution for pain, arthritis and orthopedic injuries.
7 months ago
How special that my wife, Marilyn was able to be treated by Dr. Dwight Lin, MD. He was referred by our trainer of the past fifteen years and he said Dr. Lin was the person to treat her back situation. Before seeing Dr. Lin she was an 8 or 9 out of a 10. She could hardly walk and within hours after her procedure she was free of pain. The next day there was also no discomfort. He was so professional and clear with the steps he was taking to correct her situation. We highly recommend Dr. Lin to the people of Hawaii. Outstanding Dr. Lin! We thank you, Marilyn and Jed
Jed Gaines
8 months ago
Dr. Lin is fantastic. He helped expedite the recovery process for my shoulder. I'm so happy that he made time to see me because my rotator cuff really needed it!
Healthgrades User
10 months ago
I found Doctor Lin and read about his knee program and decided to come in for a consultation as I started having some knee pain last year. The staff was friendly and their office was comfortable. After talking with the doctor I decided to take a chance and get the treatment. I'm glad I did. My knee pain is now way better and almost completely gone!
Matt S
1 year ago
Professional, cordial, patient in explaining details of my injury to me, and next steps. Extremely caring. I would definitely recommend to others.
Al Hirata
4 years ago
Dr Lin is thorough and careful with each patient, and takes time to individualize treatment for unique set of medical history and circumstances. He collaborates with other specialists when diagnoses and conditions are complicated or unclear. My experience with Dr Lin was excellent.
James Hayashi
5 years ago
I was very happy with Dr. Lin's non-surgical approach to my shoulder pain. He spent time talking to me about the treatment options and quickly checked to see that I did not have nerve damage. His referral to physical therapy in my neighborhood worked wonders, and in just 5 of the 8 visits he prescribed, along with great, non-addictive pain and inflammation medication, my pain and problem was completely handled in just a few weeks! I recommend Dr. Lin unconditionally!
Vitals Reviewer
5 years ago
I experienced extreme lower back pain for quite some time and saw a few professionals regarding the issue. It wasn’t until I saw Dr. Lin that I was actual able to get results and answers. Within a reasonable time frame I went from extreme pain to absolutely pain free. My life has changed significantly and I’m able to be active again and enjoy life. I was open to hearing all of the possibilities and routes to take to help with my herniated discs, but I never felt pressured and was always given the least invasive options and without painkillers, which never helped anyway. I chose to go with cortisone and it helped me right away and has only gotten better over time. I worked hard to get my back stronger and core to help support the pressure on the discs to optimize the cortisone, so hopefully I won’t have to do it again. I will do whatever it takes to avoid a surgery, which isn’t a guaranteed option anyway. I’ve been pain free for almost five months and am very happy.
Cynthia Ray
5 years ago
I was referred to Dr. Lin by my Internist. I have moderate arthritis in my left knee. I had heard about PRP from my grandson (a physical therapist). I had previously been told by 2 orthopedic doctors I would need a knee replacement. I just wasn't ready for that. After 2 visits with Dr. Lin I decided to have a PRP injection. Dr. Lin has a wonderful bedside manner. He listens, he provides understandable information, he's patient and instills confidence. In addition, he is very passionate about regenerative medicine. I had my PRP injection in Sept. 2017. After my brief rehab & physical therapy I am pleased to report I am almost completely pain free. I can now hike, go up & down stairs & sleep throughout the night without pain. I would highly recommend to anyone who has been told they need a knee replacement or surgery to investigate PRP and if you live in Hawaii, GO SEE DR. LIN!!!
Linda Porter
6 years ago
I have had 2 failed rotator cuff surgeries and a longhead biceps repair plus shoulder subluxation ans extreme scapula dyskinesis. It was painful and I had run out of options! Dr. Lin & his staff are kind, conscientious & thorough.He explained everything and made sure I understood the process. Everything went as smoothly as he predicted! After years of chronic shoulder pain I'm on my way to healing. To find a Cornell graduate and Harvard fellowship trained MD specializing in Physiatry in Hawaii was very fortuate for me. Look ng forward to watersports in about 3 months. Mahalo.
Vitals Reviewer
8 years ago
Dr Lin takes a personal interest in how well you are feeling. He takes the time to actually help you.
Cheryl In Honolulu
14 years ago
I saw my family doctor, and orthopedic and 2 different physical therapists for a herniated disk and pinched nerve in my lower back- I had back pain for 7 months! Dr. Lin made the pain 90% better. Now I'm ready for my trip to Brazil!
Vitals Reviewer