Dr. Dwight Lin was featured on KITV news to share information about “plasma for your pain.” In this interview he talks about the advancing field of regenerative medicine and innovative treatments that use your own stem cells to treat painful conditions such as orthopedic injuries.

“You know I’ve been using cortisone injections in my practice for the past 17 years, in fact that’s all we’ve had in medicine for the past 50 years is to really use cortisone shots or anti-inflammatories, but I think we’re seeing now in sports medicine and spine rehabilitation is a real shift in the way we treat things instead of just putting medication and chemicals to get the swelling down, now we’re looking at it on a cellular level to help get the healing process going. So patients are describing it’s not as painful as a lot of the procedures we’ve done, um and also i’ve been surprised quite frankly in terms of how well it works. You know we know that repeated cortisone injections are just not good for joint health and for the cells that line the joints and tendons, and so it’s been really really helpful for the patients.”

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