how to find a stem cell doctor

Finding a doctor that you can trust with the specific expertise for your orthopedic injury, disease or condition is easier than you think. Optimal outcomes are achieved when we’re your first choice not a last resort.


Regenerative medicine offers nonsurgical solutions to repair or replace tissue lost through age, disease, or injury. Regenerative medicine uses a patient’s own healing cells collected from blood, bone marrow or tissue, to regenerate, rehabilitate and restore the body.


Dr. Lin is a physician and a patient safety advocate. He offers these tips when seeking specialists in non-surgical options for orthopedic pain and injuries.

A physician specialist with board certification is a must. Find one with extensive experience in treating specific parts of the body and advanced training in cellular treatments. Different anatomy and organ systems require specialized expertise. Anesthesiologists, naturopaths, chiropractors and surgeons don’t have the same degree of training and expertise in the rapidly advancing field of regenerative medicine.

Cellular treatments should be composed of your own cells. Your treatment should be customized and injected by your physician and not a chiropractor, nurse or naturopath. Treatments must be based on your unique medical history and diagnosis.


Ask about the cell’s origin and what safety measures will be taken. Your doctor should clearly explain your cellular treatment and provide research-based answers for your overall prognosis.

Image guidance is critical. Stem cells and platelets do not have a self-directed GPS system. Physicians with advanced training in regenerative medicine have expertise in using live, digital image guidance such as ultrasound and X-ray for safety, precision and comfort. Your doctor must be able to explain your diagnosis and how treatments will be delivered with precision. Our proprietary technology provides critical information about proper location, cell concentration and viability as well as interactions between cells and adjacent tissue.


You are your best advocate. It’s up to you to seek out the best orthopedic care possible. We often see patients who come to us after years of suffering, failed orthopedic surgeries and poor physical rehabilitation. Consider all options in full for the best possible results for your condition. Dr. Lin is a physician and a patient safety advocate. He offers consultations and these additional resources to help you make the most informed decision. | | Our Blog