Regenerative Medicine & Rehabilitation of Hawaii offers a holistic approach to remedy orthopedic pain and injury. All procedures are office-based and require minimal downtime.


Your muscles, joints and spine are a dynamic balance of biomechanics. Our in-depth consultation is a functional analysis to identify not only what hurts, but what causes your pain. This enables Dr. Lin to provide a prognosis and advise if a Regenexx cellular procedure is the right choice for you.

We take a holistic approach to your care. When absolutely necessary, we collaborate with Hawaii’s best surgeons. 

Regenexx’s team is responsible for approximately 44% of the world’s research on the use of bone marrow concentrate, a fluid that is rich in stem cells that can help orthopedic conditions. Our patented, targeted treatments help the body concentrate its own platelets and stem cells in the areas that need repair. Successful healing depends on the injury severity, medical history and degree of damage. Our advanced lab-processing techniques ensure that we have the right concentrations of the right cells to treat your specific injury.


Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is obtained through a blood sample. It’s similar to having blood drawn when checking cholesterol. The platelets in your blood are responsible for coagulation, which stops bleeding. Platelets release signaling proteins (cytokines and growth factors) that stimulate stem cells to start the repair process and recruit other cells to help heal.

With patented techniques exclusive to Regenexx, we can customize PRP and platelet concentrations at much higher levels and purity than any other clinic in Hawaii. We use PRP to treat painful conditions such as rotator cuff issues, back pain, sciatica, knee arthritis and a range of muscle and joint injuries. Regenexx PRP injections are performed in our clinic under local anesthesia for minimal downtime and recovery. 


Treatments use bone marrow concentrate to treat common orthopedic conditions to help people avoid surgery using cells from their own body. BMAC (bone marrow aspirate) is fluid from bone marrow that is rich in stem cells. After harvesting these from your hip bone and concentrating them in our Regenexx lab, image guidance is used to precisely deliver these cells to areas of tissue damage. Activated stem cells release additional healing proteins, which in turn triggers other cells to migrate and support tissue repair. Unique to stem cells is their ability to also serve as ‘building blocks’ in the repair process. These cellular treatments are used for more severe damage in tendon or ligament tears and degenerative arthritis. This boost your body’s own natural healing abilities to support healthier and stronger tissue, improved biomechanics and decreased pain.

Dr. Lin’s Regenexx BMAC cellular therapy injections are performed in his clinic and under local anesthesia for minimal downtime and recovery. 


Prolotherapy, historically known as proliferative therapy, is the injection of chemical irritants to stimulate an inflammatory response. Prolotherapy was a technique used before PRP or stem cells were possible. The localized release of cytokines and growth factors rekindles the healing process within the scarred/fibrotic tissue of injured ligaments and tendons. Prolotherapy strengthens and stabilizes the joints, which improves function and reduces pain. Different types of prolotherapy may be customized to address the severity of damage or tissue pathology.


After a PRP or stem cell procedure, Dr. Lin prescribes a customized rehabilitative exercise program based on diagnosis and functional needs. While the cellular mechanisms of healing will occur at their own pace, a strategic exercise program builds strength while protecting the healing anatomy. Regenexx patients are typically encouraged to walk and gently mobilize the same day as their procedure. Most experience minimal to no down time and need little to no opioid pain killers. Follow up visits will gauge recovery and determine if additional regenerative treatment is necessary before optimal strength and function can be achieved.

As a Harvard-trained, board-certified physician with more than 20 years of experience in the specialty of physical medicine and rehabilitation, Dr. Lin is uniquely qualified to coordinate these innovative cellular injections with the optimal blend of exercise and muscle physiology.